Amelia gives Bethan a makeover before their night out in London.
However, she finds herself struggling with jealousy when her love
interest seduces Bethan instead of her.

Red Reflections

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Director & Writer: Jay Choi
Producer: Eva Sigurdardottir
Cinematographer: Rina Yang
Editor: Nathan Hughes-Berry
Designer & Stylist: Maria Manrique
Sound Recordists: Pietro Giordano & Matt Price
Supervising Sound Editor: Payam Hosseinian
Music: YAOAY
Stills Photographer: Luke Varley

Madeleine Sims-Fewer
Katherine Booth
Raf Cross
Emily Houghton

Encouters Short Film and Animation Festival
Helsinki Intl Film Festival
Reykjavik Intl Film Festival
Bornshorts Film Festival
Cyprus Intl Film Festival
Northern Wave Film Festival
Flexiff Film Festival
Women in Film and Television Intl Shorts Showcase
Taste of Iceland Reykjavik Shorts & Docs Showcase
Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner (Special Pick)

12 min, 2.35:1, HD, Arri Alexa